Thermal Treatments


Luxury Thermal Treatments

  • Coffee Session from Jamaicain Blue Mountains

    In the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, coffee is grown in a rich, fertile, volcanic soil, enjoying generous rainfall and, above all, sheltered by the island’s hazy cloud from the blazing sun. Massada’s Geothermal Therapy with basalt stones —formed from the cooled lava of erupted volcanoes— combined with the properties of its Coffee-Therapy —rich in caffeine and teophylline— favour holistic recovery of mind and body

  • Japanese Waters and Massage with Tourmalines

    Essences, baths and massages from a culture dating back thousands of years. Travel to faraway Japan to experience in your own skin the great myth of beauty. Eliminate the stress and pamper your body with our thermal waters, Massada Bio Cellular products and the exclusive ECOA massage, based on the Japanese technique shiatsu, with hot tourmalines that give off Infrared energy.

  • Circuit for Athletes

    Decontracting massage with body cleansing

    Dead Sea Salts Bath + Neurosedative Massage with Oriental Extracts

    Antioxidant exfoliation with Inhaled Oxygen Therapy

    • Decontracting Massage Cream
    • Shower Gel
    • Sports Lotion
  • Ancient Anti-aging Cure with Pearl Powder, Shajio and Yoghurt

    Oatmeal and Pearl Powder bath + Massage with raspberry and shajio oils. Deep Facial and Body Cleansing with Pearl Powder Jelly and Massage with Yoghurt Mousse

    Personalised facial and body Black Mud Mask + massage with Shajio, blueberry and raspberry extract.

    • Massada Bio cellular Regenerative Oil
    • Pearl Powder and Yoghurt Jelly