Thermal Treatments


Luxury Thermal Treatments

  • Back Relief Massage

    Unique back treatment to promote well-being, with the added benefits of the massage to ensure radiant skin, release muscle tension and experience inner and outer wellbeing. The Massada Red Clay poultices improve tissue and provide deep-level care.

  • Dead Sea Mud Wrapping

    Exclusive original treatment that combines an original full body massage with prestigious body products. It can be personalised: relaxing, firming or slimming.

  • Balancing Treatment with Volcanic Hot Stones

    Luxurious treatment, fusion of ancient beauty rituals and advanced science applied to cosmetics to enjoy a special experience. Ritual and body treatment which pampers the mind, body and skin with Massada’s original and exclusive geothermal massage techniques to restore the body’s balance

  • Energy Herbal Bags From Oceania

    The use of herbal bags dates back to ancient and tribal medicine on every continent. Stemming from and recognised by Oriental medicine, Massada Energy Herbal Bags, with essential and aromatic St. John’s Wort Oil, activate acupuncture points when brought in contact with a heat source, unblocking meridians and tendons, balancing and relaxing the body