Rituals of the world

Massada Rituals are authentic experiences for the senses. They have been designed to achieve the harmony of holistic health and beauty, while enjoying the magic of the most exotic places in a heavenly experience that helps the customer relax and pamper every part of their body.

  • Japanese Waters and Massage with Tourmalines

    AGUAS JAPONESAS y MASAJE CON TurmalinasEssences, baths and massages from a culture dating back thousands of years. Travel to faraway Japan to experience in your own skin the great myth of beauty. Eliminate the stress and pamper your body with our thermal waters, Massada Bio Cellular products and the exclusive ECOA massage, based on the Japanese technique shiatsu, with hot tourmalines that give off Infrared energy.

  • Coffee Session from Jamaicain Blue Mountains

    CAFFEE SESSION DE LAS MONTAÑAS AZULES DE JAMAICAIn the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, coffee is grown in a rich, fertile, volcanic soil, enjoying generous rainfall and, above all, sheltered by the island’s hazy cloud from the blazing sun. Massada’s Geothermal Therapy with basalt stones —formed from the cooled lava of erupted volcanoes— combined with the properties of its Coffee-Therapy —rich in caffeine and teophylline— favour holistic recovery of mind and body

  • Chakra Balancing and Essences from the Far East

    EQUILIBRIO DE LOS CHAKRAS Y ESENCIAS DEL LEJANO ORIENTEEver since ancient times humans have sought to balance body, mind and spirit through meditation, sacred baths and plants. Essences and gems brought from the Far East by Massada help Chakra Balancing. Massada’s Massage for the Senses balances and revitalises the physical body and its energy flow. A walk in the Far East where body and mind reveal their utmost beauty and balance potential .

  • Orchids and Semi Precious Stones from the Bali Sea

    ORQUÍDEAS Y PIEDRAS SEMIPRECIOSAS  DEL MAR DE BALI Discover a special world of soft perfumes and semi precious stones to improve physical, mental and emotional fitness through the textures and perfumes of the Bali Sea: green jade and pink quartz, combined with the strength of red jasper and white crystal rock, to enjoy all the benefits of their energy. The milk bath and the silk proteins calm and soothe the driest, most sensitive skins.

  • Pearls and Gold From the Pacific

    PERLAS Y ORO DEL PACÍFICORadiance and smoothness on your skin with only one gesture thanks to the exclusive formulas containing natural, multisensory extracts. Massada Pearls and Gold from the Pacific has all the ingredients to reveal new skin. Activates natural defences. Skin looks stronger and more moisturized, prolonging its beauty and youth.

  • Energy Herbal Bags From Oceania

    PINDAS ENERGÉTICAS DE OCEANÍAThe use of herbal bags dates back to ancient and tribal medicine on every continent. Stemming from and recognised by Oriental medicine, Massada Energy Herbal Bags, with essential and aromatic St. John’s Wort Oil, activate acupuncture points when brought in contact with a heat source, unblocking meridians and tendons, balancing and relaxing the body