Thermal Treatments


Luxury Thermal Treatments

  • Tratamiento Geotermal

    A unique experience in 3 sessions
    Remineralization through salts + Massage with Quartz Stones Milk Bath + Stimulation with hot and cold stone massage. Balancing massage with stones and chromatic oils.

    • Shea Butter Body Milk
    • Shea Butter Scrub
  • Back Relief Massage

    Unique back treatment to promote well-being, with the added benefits of the massage to ensure radiant skin, release muscle tension and experience inner and outer wellbeing. The Massada Red Clay poultices improve tissue and provide deep-level care.

  • Dead Sea Mud Wrapping

    Exclusive original treatment that combines an original full body massage with prestigious body products. It can be personalised: relaxing, firming or slimming.

  • Balancing Treatment with Volcanic Hot Stones

    Luxurious treatment, fusion of ancient beauty rituals and advanced science applied to cosmetics to enjoy a special experience. Ritual and body treatment which pampers the mind, body and skin with Massada’s original and exclusive geothermal massage techniques to restore the body’s balance