Facial Treatments

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Luxury Facial Treatments

  • Bio Cellular Treatment

    Comprehensive treatment indicated to combat the signs of cellular aging. It combines the most sophisticated natural ingredients with the Massada TM Complex to achieve a visibly younger, more revitalised and deeply hydrated skin. Bio Cellular products are ECOCERT certified, maximum guarantee of natural and organic cosmetics. The facial treatment with moxibustion helps to improve the effectiveness of the natural active ingredients of the line.

    • Massada Bio Cellular Restructuring Cream
    • Massada Bio Cellular Regenerative Serum
    • Massada Bio Cellular Total Eye Contour
    • Massada Bio Cellular Thermal Eau de Fleur Alexandria Rose
    • Massada Bio Cellular Rosehip Restructuring Oil
    • Massada Intensive Cellular Renewal
    • Massada Bio Cellular Reestructurant Mask
    • Massada Bio Cellular Massada TM Complex
  • Caviar treatment

    Pure luxury that instantly reaffirms the skin, improving its tone and texture. Indicated for mature skin types, Massada Caviar Treatment defends the skin from the effects of aging, improving wrinkles and reaffirming the skin. The sophisticated massage with Caviar Serum and Quartz Mask restores luminosity, smoothness and life to the skin.

    • Antiaging Caviar Cream
    • Antiaging Caviar Eye Contour
    • Caviar Serum
  • Regeneration treatment

    The most spectacular results for skin types that want to reduce the depth of wrinkles and restore firmness. This intensive anti-aging treatment not only firms and rejuvenates the skin but also stimulates microcirculation and provides moisture, elasticity and firmness.

    Created exclusively by Massada to restore youthful skin.

  • Thermal Cure + Treatments based on Hydrating, Regenerating and Nourishing Serums

    This special program is designed to repair and rebalance the skin and provide a feeling of complete well-being using hydrating, regenerating and nourishing serums that deliver a youthful and healthy skin.

    • Facial Mud Mask
    • Jojoba Hydrating Serum
    • Olive Extract
    • Total Decontracting Hydration