Body Treatments

Tratamientos exclusivos para conseguir un cuerpo perfecto

Luxury Body Treatments

  • Morphological Treatment

    A unique treatment specifically tailored to the morphology of each patient.. It corrects metabolic deficiencies and delivers a more harmonious and balanced body. It combats excess weight, water retention andtissue malnutrition. The result is a perfect body.

    • Slimming Algae Gel
    • Natural peeling with Dead Sea Salt and Mud and Silk Proteins
  • Algae Reducing Treatment

    Fighting fat and cellulite in a different, more effective and long-lasting way. The sophisticated, active principles of algae reduce volume, activate diuresis and stimulate circulation. It improves circulation and drainage in the legs.

    • Slimming Algae Extract
    • Slimming Algae Gel